ohio flat fee mls control

Control over your own projects?  Do you not want to save up to 6% of your earnings from your house sale? Say no more 6%. If so than an Ohio Flat Fee MLS service may be right for you.

The first crucial step to listing your house is visibility. If you have tried to be an Ohio for sale by owner then you know, only licensed Real Estate agents can list homes on an Ohio MLS.  An Ohio MLS gets your house visible to every agent. Chosen Real Estate Group (an Ohio Flat Fee MLS Service) offers this at a competitive price for under 200 dollars.  Check out our Ohio Flat Fee Listings page and turn your Ohio FSBO to an Ohio MLS listing

If you use any single site to list your house vs listing through an Ohio Flat Fee MLS you will lack visibility. Agents do not search zillow that often and do not have auto emails sent to clients from their. That’s the benefit that listening through Chosen Real Estate Group an Ohio Flat Fee MLS service will provide.

Most people buying a home are using an agent.  Using an Ohio Flat Fee Listing through Chosen Real Estate Group will give you visibility to that agent when they are trying to select the right house for their client.

Are you ready to take control of your home sale and maximize your profit? Try going Ohio broker direct with us and give us a call or shoot us a text at Chosen Real Estate Group. Try our Flat Fee MLS Ohio service.