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Ohio Flat Fee MLS

List On The MLS, Save Thousands

ohio flat fee mls question

Are Ohio MLS flat fee sales common?

Yes, they are extremely common. It is estimated that 20% of real estate sales do not use a commission based listing agent.  Say no more 6%! The US Department of Justice has a large section of its website dedicated to informing consumers how much they can save by doing Ohio MLS flat fee sales.

The real estate industry would like you to think that the only way to sell a home is by paying a full 6% commission, but that is just not true. Ohio MLS Flat fee agents and real estate agents that accept less than 6% commission are the norm. Home sellers can capture tremendous cost savings by understanding just a small amount of how real estate works (such as knowing they can list on an Ohio MLS for a flat fee).  Going with an Ohio Broker Direct, like Chosen Flat Fee is a great opportunity


Am I still considered FSBO?

Ohio for sale by owner ( Ohio FSBO) means that you are not working with agents whatsoever, in any capacity. There is not such thing as Ohio FSBO MLS, only a real estate agent can list a property for a flat fee on the Ohio MLS, so you are technically no longer considered Ohio FSBO since you paid the flat fee to have the property listed.  We call it an Ohio MLS flat fee listing

Ohio FSBO (not working with agents at all) is typically not successful because nearly 90% of buyers have an agent and that agent will only show your property if you are offering a commission through an Ohio MLS.  Ohio flat fee MLS solves that problem while still giving the seller a cost savings from not using a commission based listing agent. In addition, the seller may find a buyer who does not have an agent which allows them to effectively pay zero commission (except the original Ohio MLS flat fee paid).