ohio flat fee mls family

Chosen Real Estate Group and its Ohio MLS Flat Fee are here to help with all of these questions! Chosen Real Estate Group can provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This will show you your current competitors selling similar homes in your area and it will show properties like yours that have recently sold (It is the same process traditional real estate agents use to value properties.)

Chosen Real Estate Group also provides the needed paperwork Ohio MLS requirements, and our experienced support staff is here to help. Just ask!

Potential buyers can see your Ohio mls flat fee listing and your contact information on an Ohio MLS, or on dozens of real estate listing websites, including Trulia and Zillow. This sets Chosen Real Estate Group apart from other Ohio Flat Fee MLS services that send potential buyers directly to an agent. It is also why we do not have additional sales commissions and fees. We truly want to give power to you, the seller!

Because your home will be listed on an Ohio MLS Broker Direct, licensed agents can also show it to potential buyers. So, how can you give an agent a key to your home without having to leave the office? Simple. We give you many optional tools to make selling your home simple, just like full-service agents use. Need more? We have plenty of add-ons so that you can customize your package and have full control over your flat fee Ohio MLS listing.  Just tell us what you want and we have reasonable prices for everything.

If the buyer does not have a real estate agent, you can sell your home using Chosen Real Estate Group and its Ohio MLS Flat Fee listing service with all of the tools available to agents, but pay 0% commission and save thousands!  If you are an Ohio FSBO then give our local Ohio MLS representation at try today!