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Ohio Flat Fee MLS

List On The MLS, Save Thousands


Ohio flat fee mls affordableOhio Flat Fee MLS  and Ohio Broker Direct are nothing new to our industry.  Chosen Real Estate Group offers the same and similar services as traditional agents, except at a very different price.  Our Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing packages start at $199 with the resulting reduction in costs being passed on to you, the home owner. Imagine being able to save $15,000.00 in commissions when you sell your home.  That is the equity you have built up by owning your home for years and putting work into it.  Say no more 6% commission and sign up for a package.  Our Ohio MLS packages can be customize to make sure you get the exact support your need.  Saving thousands on commission doe not need to be a dream.  Ohio Flat Fee MLS with Chosen Real Estate Group is hear to help be your one stop shop.  You can go the route of being an Ohio For Sale By Owner with a little help OR sign up for full service and let us guide you through a process that is very simple.  Just remember Simple Equals Affordable and that’s how we look selling your home.  Save the equity you built into your home and try the Ohio Flat Fee MLS from Chosen Real Estate Group.