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Ohio Flat Fee MLS

List On The MLS, Save Thousands

Ohio Flat Fee MLS StateOhio Multiple Listing Service (Ohio MLS) is a real estate database where all the properties available for purchase are listed. There are more than 10 Ohio MLS. Only licensed real estate agents have access to this database, which also sends the listings to Realtor.com.  This means that only a licensed real estate broker or agent, who is a member of an Ohio MLS, can list your house. However, this listing agent will cost you 2%-3% of your home sale price and Ohio Flat Fee MLS Realtors will do it for just that, a Flat Fee!  Instead of choosing high commission realtors who typically will not do a lower commission or come close to an Ohio MLS Flat Fee listing, you should reach out to Chosen Real Estate Group and go with a Ohio Flat Fee MLS listing service.

Chosen Real Estate Group is the new #1 Ohio MLS Flat Fee listing service in the state.  It is an Ohio MLS Broker Direct service that can be customized to the client.

  • affordable Ohio MLS Flat Fee listing packages
  • excellent service
  • 24×7 customer support to help Ohio FSBO
  • easy-to-use seller dashboard
  • Communication with an Ohio Broker direct
  • digital documentation for the Ohio MLS flat fee