ohio flat fee mls searchIf you’re considering selling your home or if you came across our Chosen Real Estate site and our Ohio Flat Fee MLS listing service, you likely know about the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. This is a database of for sale properties to which only licensed agents and brokers have access. This isn’t just any old database, however. Actually, there isn’t just one database. There are multiple Ohio MLS. Some include multiple counties others only encompass one county. These Ohio MLS have all with searchable fields to help agents, brokers, and even buyers find specific properties, property features or their locations.

A typical agent will fill out their clients’ property information on the MLS. It’s detailed, to say the least. This will include everything about your property, from the amount or bedrooms to the type of foundation. This will give others who are looking to buy the property all the information they need prior to seeing the property for themselves. Chosen Real Estate MLS Ohio Flat Fee, we can do that crucial step of listing your FSBO Ohio home. What we don’t do that a typical agent will do is charge 3% of your earning from your home sale. Say no more to 6% commission and use our Ohio Broker Direct Service.  Its called Ohio Flat Fee MLS listing and it is the only tool someone looking to sell their house as an Ohio for sale by owner needs.  We are your local Ohio MLS representation when it comes to listing your house on an Ohio flat fee MLS site.