ohio flat fee mls sellfast

  1. Update home’s appearance

You don’t need to do an entire kitchen remodel or get an all-new exterior to update the look of your home. Your best bet is to use lower-cost upgrades that allow for the highest return on investment. Creating a buyer-friendly atmosphere for the least amount of money can be as easy as adding new storage space or a fresh coat of paint.

Make sure you also get rid of clutter and arrange furniture in an open & inviting way. Any personal touches—like family photos or collector items you’ve acquired over the years—should be tucked away for showings. You want buyers to be able to imagine their family in the home, so it’s good to create a clean slate throughout. At Chosen Real Estate Group we want to provide you with as much information to make your Ohio for sale by owner experience with out Ohio MLS Flat Fee listing as smooth and simple as possible.

  1. Get professional real estate photos taken

People move very quickly while shopping online, and shopping for a new home is no exception. Remember that potential buyers won’t see your home in person until after you’ve won them over online, so it’s crucial to make a good first impression through professional real estate photography.

You may think that you can capture how cozy and inviting your home is, but that coziness doesn’t translate well in grainy, dimly lit cell phone photos. Investing in professional photography will save you money in the long run. Our Ohio MLS Flat Fee wants the best possible outcome for you.

  1. Use the most effective advertising for real estate

One way to advertise your home listing is to manually input your information on all the different listing sites, such as Zillow or Trulia, just to name a couple. The only issue with manually inputting your information is the sheer number of websites out there for you to advertise on will take forever to get through, and it may not be the most effective use of your time.

Instead of advertising on your own, an Ohio MLS (Multiple Listing Service) can help you reach thousands of homebuyers in a matter of moments with no additional effort on your part. Using our Ohio Broker Direct style programs with Ohio Flat Fee MLS we can reach all of those sites you have heard of and even the ones you haven’t.  Visibility is the key for all Ohio FSBO, and we can provide that.

  1. Choose the best time of year to sell your home

The best time to sell a home in Ohio is in the spring. The weather is usually the most agreeable for people to get out and look for houses, and not as many people are saving for that winter getaway like they are in the fall.

Spring is also a good time for people with school-aged children to move because they’ll have plenty of time to spend the summer getting acclimated to their new area before the kids start school. Make sure you list your home for sale online with plenty of time for people who are looking to close by the end of spring.

Selling your house online can be a difficult process, even for the most tech-savvy homeowners. At Chosen Real Estate Group, using our Ohio Flat Fee MLS, we are a great resource that can help you navigate the ins and outs of online home selling, so you don’t need to feel like you’re on your own. Let us be your local Ohio MLS representation!