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According to a survey by the Washington Post, 52% of sellers are stressed out about selling their house. Most of this stress comes from the lack of control over the process. That is where Chosen Real Estate Group’s Ohio Flat Fee MLS can help. Think of us like the bumpers on the bowling lane when you take your kids bowling. You roll the ball in the direction of your choice with the speed and accuracy needed to hit as many pins as possible. Those bumpers are there providing the necessary structure and guidance to make sure you have the best chance of getting that strike.

Of course how much assistance and help we can provide is completely up to you. With Ohio Flat Fee MLS  the one thing we don’t compromise on is our high standard for customer service. Our MLS Flat Fee Listings, at the basic level provides Ohio for sale by owner clients with access to over 200 listing sites with a single click. This is crucial to maximize your exposure in the market. The more exposure that you have the better odds you have of finding that one special buyer.

Listing with Ohio Flat Fee MLS also gives you COMPLETE control over your showings. No surprise showings at 6pm on a Sunday night. Our premium package includes access to a showing app which allows you to schedule and review showings from your phone. This will not only give you, an Ohio FSBO, control over your showings but also provide you the technology to run your showings as easily as a licensed realtor.

Different Ohio Flat Fee MLS packages at Chosen Real Estate Group can also provide you with the necessary closing documents, offer reviews and closing coordination. We strive to take most if not all of the stress out of selling FSBO but without the hefty price tag of a full realtor.  Ohio Flat Fee MLS is the way to go if you would like complete control over your home selling experience with the necessary tools to get your house sold.

Chosen Real Estate Group is NOT a national company.  We provide local MLS representation, by dealing with the Ohio MLS Broker direct.  With our Ohio Flat Fee MLS packages you can say no more 6% commission.  Ohio FSBO optionsto getting an agent exposure and keep the equity in you home at logical pricing.