Ohio Flat Fee MLS BenefitsOne of the major benefits of Ohio flat fee MLS listing services are the savings. Because you’re not working with a Traditional listing agent, you won’t have to pay their 3% commission. Rather, with Ohio flat fee MLS service, you’ll typically only pay a few hundred dollars. Basic Ohio MLS flat fee listing services with Chosen Real Estate charge between $199.
Compared to the standard commission rate of 6%, Ohio FSBO sellers who list with a flat fee listing service can save thousands of dollars. Say no more 6% commission. For example, if a home value is $250,000, you as the seller could pay up to $15,000 in commission costs. Avoiding hefty commission expenses is a huge draw for those considering Ohio flat fee MLS.
Another benefit of using the Ohio MLS listing service is you’re in control. You get to choose the price of your home, how you market it including description and photos, how you run an open house, and you’re in charge of negotiations. For most, this scenario is perfect and for years the Ohio Broker Direct model went under the radar.
Granted, if you feel less confident about some aspects of selling your home, such as legal paperwork or closing, you can then choose to pay Ohio Flat Fee MLS an additional fee for more assistance and guidance. This way, you will only pay for what you need and can save more money. Even by tacking on other options the cost when using Chosen Real Estate’s Ohio MLS Flat Fee is extremely reasonable and fair.  If you are an Ohio for sale by owner then give us a try.