Ohio Flat Fee MLS

List On The MLS, Save Thousands

Ohio Flat Fee MLS listings are a less common but a more beneficial option to the traditional commission-based way of real estate.

When selling your house using our way of thinking, you as the Seller, pay a predetermined price that does not fluctuate with the final sale price of your house.  You will be able to completely avoid the sliding commission scale that most agents use.

Here are a few reasons to pick an Ohio Flat Fee MLS service such as Chosen Real Estate if you are an Ohio for sale by owner.

  1. Know the Costs

By avoiding the sliding compensations scale you will be able to plan for future expenditures, much like you do in your everyday life.  If you are going to be buying a new home and need to save for the next down payment, our method will allow you to know where you stand

  1. Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listings saves you time and money

It has been reported that the average Ohio Flat Fee MLS listing will save just over $6,000.00.  These numbers vary from market to market and depend on the price range of the home.  Let’s look at this example: If a house in Franklin County is $400,000.00. Most commission-based real estate agents charge roughly 6% (3% to their brokerage and 3% to the agent who brings the buyer), that equates to $24,000.00 in commission that the seller is paying!  The typical Ohio Flat Fee MLS listing client will pay our 2% to the buyer’s agent, if they do not find the buyer themselves. That’s over $16,000.00 in savings!

  1. Sell It for More and Keep It

Again, since the Ohio Flat Fee MLS listing model does not increase at any time, you can sell your home for more and keep it!

  1. You Receive the Same Value

We handle all of the front-end planning and documentation to get your home on the MLS.  We make sure you are supported at every turn.  We are doing this because your equity is just that, IT YOURS!

During the process we will run reports for you at your request. When you receive an offer, we will make sure you are comfortable and understand the offer so you can make an educated decision.  After you go under contract, we will process all of the paperwork and hold your hand until the house officially sells.

All emails, text, and phone calls are returned the same business day just like the traditional agent.  Ohio Flat Fee MLS agents work for you all the time and want your home to sell.